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My boyfriend had a Hemorrhoidectomy on Thursday. they sent him home with Tylonal 3 and instructions for high fiber diet and warm baths. They said he could take fiber supplements to help with constipation from the pain meds. They didn't work and he had his first BM on sunday and wanted to be hit by a bus instead of ever feeling that pain again. I feel helpless. If anyone could give me tips to help him. I don't know the difference between stool softners and laxatives and which one he is supposed to be taking or not taking. Which is best and what is the dosage. The doctor takes a full day to get a hold of and are pretty rude. I need help so I can go get some supplies to help him. He's barely sleeping and he woke me up when he had his second BM this morning at 3:30am because he make some awful noise of pain. Please help me help him. Tips? But especially tips on pain creams, stool softners or laxatives. What to stay away from, because I'm about to go buy the whole medicine isle in Walgreens.


Hi. I just had a hemorrhoidectomy last Wednesday, so I'm no pro LOL but I have a few tips.

1) My surgeon advised Advil is better than Tylenol for recovery. He said something about Advil helps more with reducing the swelling. I think you can take both together. Definitely ask a pharmacist though.
2) I was also prescribed hydromorphone. If there's no history of addiction maybe he can ask his doctor for something more than Tylenol 3? Honestly the hydromorphone doesn't help extremely well with the pain but it makes me fall asleep so I can at least sleep off the pain.
2) I was also given 2 laxatives (no stool softeners) - lactulose (prescription) and lansyol (over the counter). At first I took the prescribed doses of each and had explosive diarrhea..which was excruciating. I've since cut the doses in half and my stools are soft and regular and it's still painful but at least I'm no longer seeing stars and damn near blacking out from the pain.
3) Rest. Yesterday I was feeling great so I didn't take any pain meds and did some minor errands (shopping, taking my kid to the park, went for lunch) and by 4pm I was in extreme pain. I took my max dose of Advil and hydropmorphone and I was still in tears. It came in waves like labor contractions. If I didn't know any better I would have thought I was in labor....the pain was radiating up my back and down my thighs. It was similar to the 20 hours of back labor I endured when having my son.

That's all I have. Somebody else that is already healed or has more experience probably has more tips lol.