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I had a haemorrhoidectomy surgery 7 weeks ago and I’m still recovering and having issues on my way to feeling back to normal. So I thought that I’d share my experiences to help other people who are recovering from surgery or is going to have the surgery.

Pre surgery – I got my surgery done in Sri Lanka and was given an 8pm slot for my surgery. The doctor asked me not to eat or drink anything after 2pm on the day. Once I got to the hospital at about 5pm, the usual procedures were done to get me admitted. Once I was given my room, the usual blood tests and my blood pressure was taken. Since the surgery was on my bum, one of the hospital staff available came up to the room to get the area shaved and prepped (a very bizarre and embarrassing experience). After that I had help and was given an enema to get my anal passage cleaned out. After this, I was given a gown to change into and was taken to the operating theater.

Surgery – The anesthesiologist decided to give me a numbing injection on my back so that she could give me an injection on the spine to numb my body below my hips. For some reason, she couldn’t get it right and kept inserting the needle plenty of times, keeping in mind that I could still feel the needle going in. So I refused to let her try again and told her that I wouldn’t go ahead with the surgery if they wouldn’t give me a general anesthetic. So they agreed and gave me the general anesthetic and the last thing I remember is breathing in and out before I woke up with a slight pain up my bum.

Post-surgery – The pain wasn’t bad at all as I’d thought it would be and I felt really uncomfortable as there was packing up my anus. I wasn’t allowed to drink water or eat anything and I was asked to sleep. After a really uncomfortable nap on my side, I woke up the next day eager to go back home. The next day I was asked to wait till I had my first pee, which I had no trouble with. The doctor arrived and asked the nurse to remove the packing which was a 3 inch plug up the rear end. I experienced excruciating pain when the plus was removed and I had to sleep afterwards because the pain was unbearable. I was woken up a while after and was told that I was good to go home.


Week 1 – The first few days were very uncomfortable as I couldn’t sit and had to be on the bed lying down on my stomach the whole day. It wasn’t pain after every bowel movement, but it was more of a burning sensation mostly because the poo was passing through the wounded area. All I had to eat was this food made in Sri Lanka called ‘String hoppers and sodhi’ (it’s just steamed flour and a very liquid gravy made out of milk). I had plenty of fruits like papaya, mangoes, bananas and oranges throughout the day.

Week 2 – Exactly a week after, I had a BM which caused so much pain in my bum as the poo was too hard to pass through. I contacted my doctor and he asked me to come to the hospital to get it checked. He had the look at the operated area and told me that the wound was healing well. He prescribed me a mild laxative and a fiber drink to drink in the nights to allow an easier BM in the morning. He asked me to dissolve 100g of salt in 5 litres of lukewarm water and to sit in it for 20 minutes every day. He also asked me to get a candle as thick as the last finger on the hand and to apply cream all around it and to shove it up my bum slowly to increase the width of the anal passage so that it would ease the BM (I did try it once and since it caused a very high discomfort, I never tried it again).

Week 3 – I was following my usual diet and started to sit upright in short intervals to just get used to it. Didn’t have any other issues that week as I continued to take the laxative and the fiber drink.

Week 4, 5 and 6 – Did not have any issues and was making a speedy recover whilst continuing the laxative and the fiber drink. Was able to sit for longer periods of time and I thought that my life was back to normal (Little did I know of what was in wait for me next week).

Week 7 – I am currently in the 7th week of my recovery. I am following a diet with a lot of vegetables and started to include chicken or fish for my lunch. I am still continuing the laxative and the fiber drink. 3 days ago, there was excruciating pain during my BM. The bowels just didn’t want to come out. There was a point where I felt like using my hand to pull it out because it was just stuck there causing immense pain. I have been having this issue every morning since then and today, I decided to call my doctor and he’s asked me to come for a check-up tonight.


There has been something at the end of the anal passage which looks like a hemorrhoid. But the doctor told me that the wound was healing well and after a quick search on google, it was clear that it was just scar tissue. I am just hoping that the pain is normal and the doctor can give me some medicine to make BMs much easier, because I couldn’t go through with another surgery. Will update this post as soon as I found out what the issue is. Hope this helps you, and doesn’t put you off on the surgery. It does get better and back to normal after a while. :)


My husband underwent his surgery last year and its recovery was quite painful. A Friend of his suggested few tips to tackle pain. It did make a world of difference in his pain management. Ice packs(make your own out of diapers),squirt bottles( no wipes after bowel movements), boneal for anus cleaning , sitz bath(remember to rinse it with hot water and soap), include lots of veggies and soups and no starchy foods. Ice pack diaper trick is quite relieving because it is the only way ice pack can be applied to that anus area and not to the butt cheeks. Surgery involves discomfort and outright pain both immediately afterward and through out the recovery period.  The discomfort would gradually abate leaving the patient in much improved state.

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