Good Morning. I have just read all the posts on sciatica. Thanks to all for sharing your stories. I began having back pain and had a CT which showed I have herniated disc L4 L5. I began taking muscle relaxers and 800 ibs. After 10 days the pain in my back was getting better so I begin Physical therapy. My first visit I was given a TENS treatment. It was very uncomfortable to say the least. By that evening I could put no pressure on my left leg without pain. I phoned the PT office the next day and was told to rest it would be better in a few days. By Monday I called my husband’s neurologist and was seen immediately. I was told I had sciatica. The pain is horrible. Down the front of my thigh, under my knee and in the side of my calf. I cannot walk more than five steps without sitting down. I have chairs all around my house to rest when walking from room to room. The neuro doc put me on Steroids’ for the inflammation in my back. The funny part is my back no longer hurts. I was doing much better before the TENS treatment. I feel as if the TENS treatment aggravated the nerves and have caused my sciatica. I would only feel a little muscle spasm in my calf while sleeping prior to TENS. I did not have it before having the treatment. Has anyone else had a bad experience like mine?
Thanks so much