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im a 32 year old guy, of average build, always been fairly active...then it happened

i was working in my shop, getting some racecars ready for an upcoming event and working 17-20 hours a day, for three weeks straight. after the 2nd week my body was trying to tell me to stop, but as a hard headed guy that had something to prove i carried on. by week three the pain was more than my average regular back pain i always had, but the cars were done and i thought nothing of it. now comes the bad part i take one day off to relax and get ready for work but my back was still in brutal pain, problem is that i had to run the shop (i own and operate) and resposible for a 3 week prebooked appointments.

as days went by the pain got worse, to the point i had to go to the er! the doctor prescribed some naproxin and rest, and made a few recomendations. first was being put on wat list for mri and i sought out a chiropractor at the advice from doctor, who did no adjustments, just stretchs and some light traction which seemed to help a bit. but as days went by and i had to keep up to my obligations at work, the pain got worse...and then SCIATICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up with the most brutal pain in my right leg/butt/thigh that i have ever had ever, putting weight on it, made it worse and holding it up made it worse, i hobbled around my room for about 10 minutes and it subsided and actually went away.

thinking it was just some weird muscle cramp i went to work with my regular ol back pain, when i got outta my truck bam! there iit was again, pulsing for a few minutes and eventually going away. i would walk around work vitually pain free not exerting myself, just answering phones, but every once in a while trying to get back into the work, bad mistake! the days went by, pain worsened the druds did nothing, i took 3 t3's and wouldnt stop the pain, nothing did, the girlfriend then brings me a bottle of robax platinum (relaxant and ibuprofen),i take 3 pills every 5 hours(im 245lb's) and the pain is gone within 1/2 hour completely and i mean all of it! i can walk and sit with slight aggrevation. next week comes along and the pain is worse every morning (i now have to have the pills 25 minutes before i get up outta bed), and even then the pain is still underlying with them through out the day.

end of that week on sat morning i had planned to rest up since itr wasnt feelin any better and rest would be the obvious solution. i woke up with pain that brought me to tears. i cursed as loud as i could the pills made the pain throb instead of being constant. for the whole weekend the pain was literally unbearble, i actually passed out and reawoke to the pain, the er admitted me and gave me a shot which did nothing, pain meds, did nothing...eventually the next day it subsided, by body was pissed. i then started searching on the next for quick fixs and took the week off of work had my dad run the shop. i found the number one thing from thousands of blogs and forums that the diagnosis is key, just like fixing a i opt to pay for my own mri of the lumbar and si joint (referel sent by my doctor), the cost was (1500.00) and it was done on the earliest appointment on thursday october 29/2010. i drove my self there and got it done.

now the way the mri works is that they will send the findings to the docter and a detailed report, which still takes 2-3 business days to recieve and an appointment which is 3-4 days with the specialist! but when you pay for the mri on your own the mri clinic (in my case) marked the shots for pateint referal (joint numbers) and buned me a cd of the images, i got home loaded them up to my computer and based on what i saw it was a disc bulge in my lower lumbar, and was actually on the mend from my resting for the 4 previous days. i compared the pics to others on med journals online (google is great for this), the key was fixing the problem which was the disc bulge, not the sciatica. i was so fixated on the lueg pain but had i have fixed the disc bulge, with proper rest, icing, antiflamatories , i wouldnt have had the sciatica! noe that i know what the root of the problemis i worked on it by the method previously descibed. i am now in 75% less pain and have only taken 1 naproxen (antiinflamitory) a day, and ice it religioulsly every hour for 15 minutes. all in all i know that i have no one to blame but my self for not taking care of this right away. by letting it progress to this is shear stupidity on my part and it makes me mad. this is no my time to recover and i will post again after this week, good luck to all, this was my experience and i hope no one has to suffer this...


I was wondering how you are today June 11 2012 Do you still have the sciatica?