I am 48 yrs old female and pain on lower right side of abdomen.

The pain is a hardening like sensation where it feels so pressurized I can not move until the sensation stops. I tis not constant it comes and goes with no pattern.

What is on the lower right side of my body ? I no longer have the ovaries on that side as they were removed years ago. I still menstruate and last year I had an issue where I was hospitalized and had a blood transfusion because my menses were irregular and then when I started my menstruation did not stop and lots of bleeding and huge clots. I am on something called acetone norethrine ( sorry I am at work and do not have spellign which is supposed to cease my menstruation and my doctor keeps refillign until I get to menopuase. Can you please help? I am a southern lady and very uncomfortable askign my doctor these things but would feel more at ease if you can point me in right direction. Thank you for the help and GOD bless please excuse weak spelling & typos. Thank you!