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 I would like to describe my symptoms on a daily basis. Please give feedback. -Thank you!

Day 1-3: Runny clear frequent discharge

Day 4-6: Constant sore throat.

Day 5-7: Sporatic sharp painful headache on the right side.

Day 8-current (Day 10): constant pain in lower right side of abdomen- pain has increased each day and now on day 10 I feel bloated. This pain is sometimes sharp when I move at an odd angle or quickly. I am now starting to feel pain in the lower left side of my abdomen as well (day 10)

Day 9: Constipation

Day 10: Brownish-Yellow stool with bloating feeling.

I have had red and burning eyes, fatigue, and dry skin the majority of these days.


Please provide me with any feedback based on these symptoms. I do not have any nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite.


Thank you,



Hi, Rachel,

Pain in your lower right abdomen could be appendicitis, which is an emergency, and you should see a doctor right away.

After the doctor rules out appendicitis, which I hope he/she does, he/she will deal with the infection that is making your throat sore and your head ache and messing up your gut. 

Please get help now.  You have waited long enough for the headache and sore throat to cure themselves, and if you have appendicitis it is a matter of life and death.