Hey, I'm 13 and I have a serious problem and after finding nithing that helps me online, I decided to make a topic here.

When I walk, run or do pretty much any physical activity, my testicles starts hurting. At first, it is just an uncimfortable feeling, but then it grows into pain that gets worse and worse as I continue with physical activity. At some point, it gets unbearable and I have to settle down, but then my testicles are extremely sensitive and start hurting at least movement.


(this problem has been going on for more than a year by now)


After I reakized I can't just hide it, since this renders me uncomfortable to do anything with friends or even go to school, I talked with my parrents and they took me to a doctor who said he doesn't notice anything unusual on my testes but saud I should do an ultrasound in any case. The US resulted in nothing abnormal except a small calcificate in my left testicle (where the pain is mostl occuring). The doctor said it's nothing to worry about and so it finished.

But even so, the pain still persists whenever I make the smallest amount of walking, running, anything. I couldn't go ti school some days because of it. The pain could last a day or more after it appears, and the slightest movement activates it after it originally starts to hurt.


Since the problem persisted, I went to the doctor another time and done another ultrasound according to which, the calcificate was getting smaller. I was told the pain was a result of my testicles growing, but I doubt that, since it's been persisting and more peers would have the same condition.



Niw, having nowhere else to go, I resort to asking you if you have any idea of what could be the problem with me and how to solve it, if it can be solved.