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My right testis just started hurting in the middle of 5th period which is literature.It was hurting for the rest of the school day just it wasn't as bad and in band it didn't hurt at all but I was standing up most of the time because I am a percussionist so I play snare drum,bass drum,mallets,tambourines,cymbals,clavs,brake drum(which is a brake that goes on a car and you hit it with the butt of a drum stick),and all is 7th period the last period of the day is math or 8th period it didn't hurt during that time until dismissal which i don't leave school till 3:40 because the bus is late because there are millions elemantary and primary school kids on the bus and there isnt enough room for us middle schoolers and highschoolers.but anyway when i got the bus my knee hit the metal rod that holds up the seat and the same testis hurt so bad that it made me whimper like the sound of styrofoam rubbing together. im already growing a mustache and some people can see it because it is visible and it is still growing but is pain in testes part of puberty.


Hi Zaylan,

Yes, many guys get pains in their testicles during puberty - NORMAL>

But, if the pain ever becomes severe you will need to see a doctor.  It could be a testicular torsion.  By severe I mean can't walk straight, etc.

Good luck.  Enjoy puberty.