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Complaints of pain after masturbation or rather ejaculation are rare and not properly understood. The reason behind this could be a perceived sense of social embarrassment with the act of masturbation or due to poor education and a lack of research in this field.

Possible causes of pain in the stomach after masturbation


Masturbation can be a vigorous activity that may be too much for the abdominal muscles of some people, particularly if the frequency of masturbation is a lot. Try and reduce the number of times you are masturbating and then see if the problem resolves on its own.

For people who are having pain only because of an abdominal muscle issue, allowing time for any minor injury to heal is all that is required.

Stone in the ejaculatory duct or seminal vesicle

There are several case reports of the formation of calcifications, stones or other improperly formed blockages in the ejaculatory duct and seminal vesicles that could be the cause behind painful ejaculation.

The patient may also feel some amount of referred pain to the stomach or other abdominal areas in such cases.

A diagnosis of this condition will require a transrectal ultrasound or an MRI that can help confirm the clinical suspicions of the doctor. It should be understood that a transrectal ultrasound is a diagnostic test with low sensitivity and that it is more useful in ruling out certain conditions rather than detecting the presence of them.

Patients that are suffering from a stone in the ejaculatory duct or the seminal vesicles may also suffer from sterility because the volume of semen being ejaculated is very low.

Once the diagnosis has confirmed this condition, a couple of different modes of treatment must be considered. The doctor may choose to advise a minor surgical procedure called as transurethral resection of the ejaculatory ducts or through endoscopy or even through the use of laser lithotripsy.

The idea to is to remove the stones blocking the ducts which should hopefully lead to a reversal in all of the clinical symptoms and improve the chances of conception by a great deal as well.


Pain after masturbation can affect the females as well and in their case, it is usually due to a minor injury to the inner walls of the vagina. It is common for women to masturbate using dildos or vibrators which can be the cause of this injury due to excessive movement, size, or a prolonged duration of use.


It is not normal for pain to occur after masturbation at any age. If this has been happening for a long time or has started to occur recently then it is important to take the opinion of a doctor to find out the reason why. Social inhibitions or a feeling of guilt at having done something that is wrong are the reasons why patients often choose to suffer rather than seek out professional help.

It is time that society gets past such taboos and puritanical trains of thought.


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