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I've been sexually active since January, having sex with only my husband (he is my first and only ^.^ ). We are newly weds so we have been... quite active. I have either been having sex or masturbating every day. It doesn't hurt with I do it, but today I've been a bit uncomfortable sitting down. I checked myself to see what the problem was. There is a small lump that is quite sore inside one of my inner lips. It is swollen and hard. Any idea of what it is?

I'm certain I didn't catch anything from my husband, we were both each other's firsts. Is it possible I caught something from a public toilet or is that a myth?


You can't catch something from a public toilet because you dont actually put your vagina on the seat. At least, I really really hope you don't...

It's likely just a sore from having too much sex... either that or some sort of ingrown hair/pimple. It is possible to be born with an STD but I doubting it's that in your case.

Anyways- I'd ease up on the sex/masturbating for a while and see if it eases up. If not, contact a doctor.