I am 14 years old 3 years ago or more i went to vacation in fl and in my hotel i got sick and had fever, and couldn't use the bathroom. I was in horrible pain for two hours everything was dizzy and i had to crawl to the bathroom from so much pain. this year i visited my family and got the stomach flu. I didn't throw up but i kept burping alot and got diarrhea I lost 7 to 10 pounds in two days. Afterwards it got better then everyone in my family got it. it got better then i went back home this November and 1 month later, today, I got it again. (visiting my family my mom gave me this drink Pedeolyte [i think its spelled like that] its like Gatorade but more electrolytes and more healthier. because of this drink my symptoms went away very quickly) I am now drinking this it has been two days and its not really helping. It's stopping my diarrhea like it supposed to but my lower pain makes me feel like i reaalllllyyy need to go but since i have no diarrhea nothing is coming out but little bits of diarrhea, the first night i woke up at 4:00 and then fell asleep at 6:30. the pain is more worse today and i cant fall asleep. i feel like i have to use the bathroom every 5 minutes plus everytime i walk i get just a bit dizzy. also i am freeeezzzzzzeeeiiinnnnnngggg to death and its really warm down here even though its December, and i get hot flashes and need my blanket to be off but when i take it off i freeze. i am lucky because im homeschool but its horrible pain and i need some way for it to go away. and p.s the fluids they give at the hospital is same as the Pedeolyte my mom gives me. So please any tips :(