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I see a lot of you have this problem. If you get it checked and all test come back negative you could have what I had-vulvadynia. Don't freak out. It is not an STD. It is not contagious. It is a body chemistry problem. Here are a few questions with regards to vulvadynia. If you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions you could have vulvadynia. Again, rule out other conditions that can mimic vulvadynia by going to your gyno.

1) Do you have a burning sensation in the vaginal area/ anal too?

2) Was it triggered by a yeast infection?

3) Have you had multiple yeast infections or one that won't go away?

4) Do you drink coffee more than 1 time a day decaf too. Substitute coffee for the following: tea, alcohol or soda

5) Does intercourse hurt?

6) Does it get worse right b4 your period?

I changed my lifestye with diet, relaxation and therapy. I will post the program if anyone wants me to? Just reply that you want to see it. It takes a few minutes to write. There is help with this disorder. You just have to be ready to change your lifestyle. Laura


Yes i am very interesting in getting the information.


Yes I am interested in your solution for this unbareable condition.