Hi. Sorry I didn't see your reply on your post. Check out Intercystial cystitis. I don't kow if that is the spelling. It sounds like you might have that too. It is a PH problem. I don't know if I am allowed to direct you to other sites. There is a great one for IC and 16% of women with IC have vulvadynia or burning vagina. You need to change your diet. I don't know what you eat but it is probably too acidic for body. You can heal yourself but you must be serious. Doctors do not have a cure for this disorder. The drugs often make it worse. Especially the vulvadynia. Since you are young that is a great advantage however it means a lot of discipline. Answer this post and I will tell you what I did to heal myself. The bladder issue might be a bit more complicated. Let me know if you want the plan. laura