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An upper GI endoscopy was performed 01/13/06

Findings: "A single medium-sized papule with no bleeding and no stigmata of recent bleeding was found on the enterior wall of the stomach, extrinsic, two by four cm. Not possible to biopsy."

Recommendation: "Perform computed tomography (CT scan) of the abdomen."

What does all this mean?

I am having trouble eating. My food does not go down easily, but does come up if I am not careful when bending, etc. I have also become lightheaded, weak in tne knews. Heart, all blood work are perfectly normal.


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Hi there! I also had endoscopy performed when I had problems severe stomach pain, so I know some stuff about it.
What they wrote is that they found a “medium-sized” bump in your stomach but nothing else. There were no obvious signs or marks of any other disease. They are usually able to get some samples during endoscopy ( a part of that papule or something). However, they were not able to ( this is not necessarily a bad thing) and they arranged for you to have CT scan, so that they could look further to see if and what is wrong.
So, try not to torture yourself with all sorts of bad thoughts but have it done and wait for the results.

When are you signed in for the ct scan?