I've had these problems for the past 6 months. I've had a CT Scan of the abdomen, ultrasound, and chest and abdominal xrays. Endoscopy came back normal as well. All blood tests inlcuding liver and pancreas panels came back normal. Here are my symptoms:

Stomach gas or noise? I think its gas, really odd noises all day long coming from my stomach. They even wake my wife up at night.
Frequent Hunger, every couple of hours. Get a gnawing growling feeling in my stomach if I don't eat.
Bubbles in my chest when swallowing while laying down.
Right side back pain that extends down in the right side flank, its worse with lateral movement
Pain in URQ right under the rib, I only notice this when my son knees me there when i'm holding him or if i press on the area

The doctors have told me they don't think its anything but I'm miserable. I haven't felt right in months. Gas, back pain frequent hunger.

Also my alcohol tolerance has significantly dropped. I feel like my body doesn't process the alcohol as easily as it did just a few months ago. 1 Beer and I feel like I get a hangover from it.

Any ideas would be great, I'm thinking I need to get a HIDA scan to see how my gallbladder is functioning