I think my problem is really weird. Three years ago I had a surgery for intestinal obstruction. Everything was fine but after six months from surgery, a foul smell started emanating from my nose. I consulted the ENT and a surgery for sinusitis was performed but still the problem persisted. Again, after three months I consulted another ENT specialist and again a surgery was performed but even after this second nasal surgery, the foul smell didn't go away. Then I consulted gastroenterologists and endoscopy was done but everything was normal. CT scan of brain was taken but normal. MRI scan of abdomen and pelvis taken but still it was normal. Blood and urine tests were performed but the results were normal. The problem has now increased severely. People around me can literally feel the stink emanating from my nose. I also think that people can feel the stink even when i'm talking to them over phone or any other communication device. Don't think that I'm mad or need psychiatric counselling and i'm not hallucinating. I know it sounds weird but it is the truth. Please help me with your valuable suggestions.