I am about seven weeks out from my surgery and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing post operative paralysis? When I woke up from surgery both my arms were paralyzed. With in a few days my left arm started to regain movement. AT seven weeks, I am just starting to be able to bend my elbow. I've also been getting terrible muscle spasms that sometimes make my upper arms hard as a rock. A couple weeks ago I was diagnosed with severe bursitis from how I was strapped to the table during surgery which has just complicated matters. I'm in constant pain and my doctor recently switched me to Tramadol, which gives me horrible migraines but doesn't help with the pain. No one Seems to understand what I'm going through. I'm a single-parent with the three-year-old and I'm scared. Thank God I have my parents and family to help but I really want to get my life back. My doctor thinks I will gain full mobility in three months but I'm not so sure. If there's anyone out there whose experienced this please respond. Please forgive the typos and any misspellings Siri is doing my typing for me.