Im 27 years old l,

before 7 month i was taking to ER having first massive panic attack it was the first time in my life to experience that , doctor prescription to me was Xanax then switch me to rivotril then to Paxil & lexotanil to help me sleep 

 Then doctor deside to prescribe Paxil 25 cr im on for 6 month now.

Before i start this med i was felling dying and electricity nump in all my body short breathing difficulty in sleep

Im now fine but still some time i wake up like crazy from the bed felling nump and shock but i manage to ignore the symptoms and continue to sleep again like there is nothing going on


Conclusion, im not the same person before i start ssri i feel i dont care and i dont think of any consequences of anything 

I gain more weight 


Please can i stop the medicine cold turky now

The docror said i will not experience any withdrawal symptoms coz im taking only a small dose of 25mg cr