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Hello. I’m 21 and recently I have noticed penis discharge with has some strange yellowish color. I have never had any problem similar to this so you understand why I panic this much. This occurred recently but I don't know what caused it. I don’t know what to do? I am afraid to talk with my mother and I don’t wont her to find out about this, because I am suspecting on some sexually transmitted disease. Could I be true? Any information would be more than welcome!


Hi there. Are you OK now? Do not be afraid to talk to your mother. Also, you can suspect on some STD only in case if you had an unprotected intercourse. In some other case, you should not be scared about it but you should definitely check it. Anyway, penis discharge can vary from situation to situation or from disease to disease. In your case, it can easily be a Gonorrhoea. The symptom of this disease is yellowish discharge. Also, you should know that the discharge caused by gonorrhea can be any color – yellow, green, white, cloudy or clear. So, you should visit the doctor. It can cause you problems in your future life when you want to become a parent. It can be treated with antibiotics, but it needs to be treated.