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Hey everyone.

My sister found two dogs on the street three days ago. They were under some box, probably hiding from this ugly weather.

She took both of them. Now she and her mother in low are taking care of those dogs.

They took them to the vet to see are they sick or something, and vet told her that her dog has enlarged swollen lymph nodes.

Other dog is fine but this one is sick.

I don’t know much about it and I really want to know what the best treatment for this is.

I want to help her.

PS. If you are interested to have a dog, tell me. They will give them to someone who can offer good home to them :/


Hey Love is pet,

First of all, how come the vet didn’t say anything about the treatment? He is supposed  to figure out what caused these swollen lymph nodes and regarding the results, choose the proper medication for them. Some infections that cause swollen lymph nodes can be zoonotic, meaning that they can pass onto you. In this case, you will need to ask your vet about the precautions you will need to take in order to avoid infection.

I don’t know of any other treatment but the one that includes antibiotics and a diet change. Your vet needs to prescribe you these antibiotics after he’s done examining your sister’s dog.



Hey guys,

Love is pet, you need to know what has caused these swollen lymph nodes in order to know how to treat them. You can come back to us when you find this out.

Antibiotic treatment is only if the swollen lymph nodes were caused by an infection. In this case, nothing helps like antibiotics.

You have anti fungal medications for infections that are caused by fungi.

You have antihistamines, steroids or allergy shots which are for allergic reactions.

Corticosteroids, if her dog is infected by an autoimmune disease.

And, if the worse case happens, that her dog has cancer, the dog needs to go to chemotherapy or undergo  surgery.



Hey everybody,

This vet must be really lazy, Love is pet. It might be wise to search for another vet who is ready to do something about the disease once he finds out that your dog has it.

I had trouble with swollen lymph nodes in my dog. After some examinations, my vet said that she has an infection, not a bad one, and prescribed her antibiotics for it. After 15 days of using these antibiotics, my dog was feeling better. But if the lymph nodes are really, really big, it can easily mean that your sister’s dog has cancer. You need to check this as soon as possible so you can start treating it properly.



Do you know what is most important? To diagnose swollen lymph nodes in early stage. They are located all over the body and a normal lymph node is really hard to find. There are two reasons because they will become large – response in inflammation and cancer.

Now it depends what is the cause of them. When you find the cause you will be able to find a good treatment.

Usually enlarged swollen lymph nodes are treated with medications that are prescribed by your vet.

You can’t do anything alone. If you start with treatment very soon there are a lot of chances that your dog is going to be ok.




Hello. I am afraid that my dog has enlarged swollen lymph nodes and I don’t know how to be sure. Here is a story. I am visiting the vets for almost two weeks now. I don’t know why but no one can’t tell me does my dog has enlarged swollen lymph nodes. I can feel something when I touch him, but I can’t be sure since I am not an expert.
I am glad that I can talk to someone who can give me advice, just like you do.
Can I give my dog some treatment by myself because I really don’t know what to do about this situation?


One thing is for sure – enlarged swollen lymph nodes needs to be diagnosed early to be treated. Treatment usually contains meds and your dog needs to be treated in the hospital.

Treatment is really important because without any treatment your dog can live from four to six weeks.

Your dog can react on the treatment but the disease is unfortunately still there.

I can’t tell you that much about the treatment because it will depend on the diagnosis.

Usually it is antibiotic treatment for the infections, anti - fungal medications, steroids, removal of parasites, surgery and chemotherapy for cancers.

Good luck.



Hello. Definitely this disease requires a hospital treatment. Inflamed lymph nodes are treated with anti – inflammatory such as cortisone. Pets with bacterial or fungal infection are treated with antibiotics and they are treated with anti – fungal medications. But when it comes about enlarged lymph nodes there is no specifically treatment.  It is very important to determine does cancer caused this treatment? If it is than your vet needs to determine will enlarged swollen lymph nodes be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation or even with a combination of all of these. It is really hard process and I hope that everything will be OK.