Researchers have came to founding that radiation therapy in a combination with bavituximab, a monoclonal antibody that helps destroy blood vessels nourishing malignant tumors is the most effective treatment for lung cancer and gives better results in treatment than when either of this therapies is used separately.

The result of radiation is that it generates a chemical reaction in the membranes of endothelial cells and the reaction itself causes membrane components called anionic phospholipids to flip inside out and to expose to bavituximab which homes in on tumor vessels by selectively binding to the phospholipids. Then, white blood cells from the immune system attack and destroy the vessels feeding the tumor.

Study has given the results that the radiation increases the percentage of phospholipids that flip inside out from 4 % to 26 % .

Bavituximab is currently being tested for its effectiveness against solid tumor cancers.

Research has shown so far that bavituximab destroys tumors without causing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and it causes fewer side effects than conventional cancer drugs.