Human Papiloma Virus also known as HPV is a cause for most cervical cancers. Recent research claims that 60% of woman diagnosed with cervical cancer has never been screened or they hadn’t done it in the last 5 years. That’s why women should be more advised about getting Pap test which is a standard test for detecting all cervix cell changes that could be caused by HPV.

New research found a different test for HPV and it’s finders claim that it provides better results than Pap test. It’s done during regular pelvic exam by taking a swab. Report says that in 95% of the cases this new test found lesions that could develop into cervical cancer while Pap test was accurate in only 55%.

The only problem with this new test is that it can only be used on woman older than 30 years. Also, test is more sensitive than Pap test but it has a slightly higher false positive rate because it’s less specific.

If the results of the test are positive it means that a second test should be done 6-12 months later. Positive test results could mean that HPV puts you at risk for getting a cancer or it could mean nothing at all, that’s why follow up test is required. It saves woman of getting unnecessary treatment.

HPV test is not yet approved as a primary screening test but woman can choose to get the test along with Pap test because it adds benefits over the Pap alone. If the both tests are negative doctors say that a patient is free of screening in the next three years.