Researchers have invented a pill that would prevent women from having their monthly bleedings. Although the idea thrills some women and may come as a relief, there are still those women who are not ready to change this aspect of normal healthy life.

This and the lack of knowledge of long-term side effects of the new pill named Lybrel created confusion in the FDA about giving its approval for the new pill. Lybrel is designed to eliminate periods as long as the women took it and there haven’t been any side effects attached to it but still the women are perturbed about trying it. The stopping of the monthly cycle could have some adverse affects on the body functionings, as the same hormones affect the brains too.

This is because not many women are ready to bring about this change in their body functioning as it reminds them of normal hormonal functioning. The researchers are of the opposite believes that women taking birth control pills need not bleed the fact that they do bleed is not true period. However, they do believe that long term effects should be studied.

There are already similar pills on the market called seasonale that make women who take them have their periods only once every three months. However, the sales only dented a small segment while the new pill Lyberl is expected to have great sales as it would be launched with aggressive marketing.