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There are many male contraceptive pills being developed but most of them are hormonal that are most likely to cause side effects like hot flashes and moodiness as they do in women.

British scientists have developed a hormone-free contraceptive pill for men that might prevent men from ejaculation during sex.

The tablet would have to be taken hours before sex and it would block the sperm. A few hours after, the fertility would return to normal.
So far, the only things men were able to use for contraceptive were condoms, surgical procedure vasectomy and abstinence.

From now on, they will be able to equally share the responsibility with women. It may be even easier for them since they won’t have to take the pills every day at the same time but only a few hours before the intercourse.

The mechanism on which the drug works is that the contractions of the longitudinal muscle in the vas deferens would be prevented, so that the sperm could not be expelled out of the penis.

More tests are about to be conducted on both animals and humans and the researchers are hoping for the good results within five years.


This sounds like a novel and new approach to the big challenge of stopping sperm from fertilizing a woman's eggs. I wonder if the man still has an enjoyable orgasm or not with no ejaculation, which is a very intense pleasure for all men. Also, it wouldn't stop his precum from fertilizing her if he leaks out lots of precum once he is erect and all during sex. A lot of pregnancies are caused by precum alone and even with no ejaculation inside the woman. Its a promising new idea if these kinds of drawbacks can be fixed. Keep trying for us guys.