Some people are waiting with great enthusiasm for the new pill to hit the markets. This new pill will be able to put off sleep for several days in a role and certainly contribute to even faster development of the world.

The new pill will let people to function properly with only two hours' sleep each night. It will deliver sleep that is deeper and more refreshing than usual without the following consequences like caffeine or amphetamines do. The positive effects
of the new pill won’t be accompanied by the negative jitteriness, euphoria and final crash that usually follow sleeplessness and work of the stimulants that have provided such effects.

A drug called Modafinil was made as a stimulant to allow people wake up refreshed after four hours of sleep. Its sales have climbed to £330m since it was launched in 1998.

In ten to twenty years time, scientists are hoping they will be able to turn the sleep off.

The whole story makes me wonder at what stage of mind and development where people when God decided to flood the world and save only Noah and his family.