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well hi everyone i really need some help... i have not seen my period in 88 days as of today... last period was may 8... i took a test when i first miss my period and it said neg... so i was thinking it was just late until i missed the nexts one... im suppose to go to the doctor this friday 4 a check up... i really don't know what to think... can someone please help me... give me some kind of idea of whats really going on.... thank u


It could mean that you are pregnant. Those home pregnancy tests can sometimes be misused and show wrong results. You have to make sure you take the test first thing in the morning because that’s when your urine is most concentrated. If that comes back negative you should go and do a blood test because that is the most accurate test.

On the other hand there are a lot of other reasons why your period might be late. Recent use of medications or drugs could cause latency. Being under a lot of stress and dealing with anxiety issues could also affect your cycle. Even a flu can cause you to be late. Those are the reasons that could be causing you to be late but regardless of that if you problem continues I definitely think its time for you to visit gynecologist, im sure he can tell you what your real problem is. Hope this helps