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Hi, well I'm officially 1 week and 3 days late for my AF. I came on my period on October 6 and had a regular period. I had sex on the 15 of October and when I calculated ovulation tht was around the time I was supposed to ovulate. Anyways I have 28 cycles so I was supposed to come on my period on November 3 I haven't been having irregular periods. I took a HPT when I was 4 days late it was negative. Now I'm scared to take another one bc I don't want it to be negative. I haven't had any sore breasts, nausea or tiredness and ive been preggo once before and I did have those symptoms just not this time However I feel like I urinate more though. I'm praying I am pregnant bc me and my bf have been TTC. So do you think I am pregnant and just having a neg test result? Or should there be more symtoms?


You could very likely be pregnant especially since your period is pretty late. Pregnancy tests will give you a false negative if your body has not yet produced enough of the pregnancy hormone for the test to pick up on it. A lot of women dont even get pregnancy symptoms until a couple months after becoming pregnant. You should wait until next week and take another test. If it still says negative then get tested by a doctor and they can do a urine test and a blood pregnancy test which is more accurate than the urine test.