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I just got off the Mirena after 5 years which I got my period every month, all 5 years!! I bled the day after (feb 9) as if it were a period. Nothing yet but my instincts tell me I'm pregnant and i just need the plastic to prove it. At 3 days late I tested neg. I have no clue when I ovulated either. I would love to just believe I'm not pregnant but I can't talk myself out of it. Have I gone crazy?


Its possible to conceive right after going off the Mirena. Sometimes your period can be late after going off of birth control and even adjust to another week in the month. If the urine pregnancy test are coming up negative and you can not shake the pregnant feeling, I suggest going to your doctor and making an appointment to get a blood pregnancy test. They are more accurate than the urine pregnancy test. If your not pregnant your doctor can check to make sure everything is working properly to conceive and your ovaries are producing eggs. Good Luck