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i have been bleeding every other week- a really heavy painful period for the past 8 weeks. i went to my dr and she sed i was gettin too much breakthrough bleeding from being on the pill. she told me to stop takin the pill but this hasnt helped. shes done some blood tests to test thyroid, glucose etc and im waitin 4 the results. im really worried because i dnt know whats goin on. does any1 have any ideas what could be wrong?


Hi Anon,

If your periods have been heavy for the last 8 weeks and it is painful these could be symptoms of endometriosis or something else more serious. Especially, accompanied with break-though bleeding every other week. If possible try getting a second opinion from another doctor or suggest testing for it with your current doctor. Breakthrough bleeding and pain like this could be a symptom of many other different things, it could be a cyst on your ovary, or polyps. The best choice to start would be to get a second opinion for sure. Sounds like your current doc is not taking all measures. Maybe suggest an ultrasound be preformed. You should also get checked for anemia, prolonged heavy bleeding can lead to anemia (low-blood). However, it is normal to have breakthrough bleeding and or heavy periods in the months after just starting contraceptives. As well, it is normal to have some pain or cramping during a period, if you notice the pain is crippling or lasts for the entire period rather than the first day or so then it is abnormal.

Some other symptoms of endometriosis are as follows;

-Extremely painful menstrual cramps; pain may get worse over time
-Chronic pelvic pain (includes lower back pain and pelvic pain)
-Pain during or after sex
-Intestinal pain
-Painful bowel movements or painful urination during menstrual periods
-Heavy menstrual periods
-Premenstrual spotting or bleeding between periods
-pain is severe over the whole time of the period
-pain starts a day or more before the onset of a period

Symptoms of Ovarian cysts include:

-often causes no symptoms
-dull ache; sense of fullness; pressure in the abdomen
-pain during sexual intercourse
-sporadic pelvic pain
-painful periods
-delayed or irregular menstruation
-abdominal distention

Best of luck