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Hello! I have really painful menstrual periods and I do not know what to do. Sometimes my pains are that strong that I cannot move from my bed. I have contacted my gynecologist and she told me that it is normal for girls of my age. I really cannot agree with her and that is why I am contacting you. Thank you in advance!


Hello! If I were I would consider changing gynecologist. I know many women with painful menstrual periods. For example, I have this problem in my youth and my gynecologist prescribed me in that time Cataflam. I have used it only if it is necessary. So, I suggest you this drug, too. Short-acting Cataflam to treat painful menstrual periods cannot harm, but I suggest you before you take it, to contact your (new) gynecologist.


The pain associated with Endometriosis is the most difficult symptom to cope with for most women. For many, the pain they suffer severely interferes with every day life. It can be constant or it can be cyclical and coincide with a woman’s period.

What is causing your pain?In addition to pain during menstruation, the pain of Endometriosis can occur at other times of the month, or for other physical or chemical reasons. There can be pain with ovulation, pain associated with adhesions, pain caused by inflammation in the pelvic cavity, pain during bowel movements, with urination, during general bodily movement i.e. exercise, pain from standing, and the final insult, pain with intercourse. But the most desperate pain is usually with menstruation and many women dread having their periods.

Emotional Pain

There is also the addition of emotional pain; the emotional distress caused by this disease and the emotional pain that many people do not take a woman’s Endometriosis pain seriously. The problem is that it is invisible. No-one can physically see what is wrong with you. On the outside you look perfectly normal. All these things simply build layer after layer of distress and misery. This is the reality for probably millions of women around the world today. And yet most of modern society views the idea of women’s pelvic pain as normal. NORMAL!!! That would be as insulting as saying that asthma is normal in children.

Normal or Suspicious Pain!

The fact that society in general views pelvic pain as normal means that women themselves also believe that their pain is normal. This is why it takes so long for some women to realize that something is actually wrong. They may start to discuss and compare their menstrual pain with other women and gradually they realize that the amount of pain they feel is not normal.

So if you are a woman reading this with a suspicion that you may have Endometriosis because of the amount of pain you suffer with your periods, you are well advised to get this checked out.

Location of Pain

Nearly all women with Endometriosis pain experience it in the pelvic area. The pain is often severe cramping that occurs on both sides of the pelvis, radiating to the lower back and rectal area and even down the legs.

Occasionally pain may also occur in other regions. Implants can also occur in the bladder (although rare) and cause pain and even bleeding during urination. Endometriosis can invade the intestine and cause painful bowel movements or diarrhea. Large cysts can rupture and cause very severe pain at any time in various locations.

Severity of Pain

The severity of pain also varies widely and is not related to the extent of the disease. A woman can have very small or few implants and have severe pain, while those with extensive Endometriosis may have very few signs and not suffer much pain. There is no logic as to how severe the pain of Endometriosis will be, but on the whole this disease causes a lot of pain for most women.