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Hi I had my first menses after delivery(Oct/10/05) last month (Jan/18/06) its more than a month now so i am worried....we had sex twice after my periods and we had used contraceptives (condom) it common to get delayed periods after child birth.....before my pregnancy my menses are regular 24-26 days.....I am i need to contact gyn.....
Pls reply



Hi there! There is no rule about periods after birth. Some women’s patterns change after giving birth while others go back to their previous patterns. Menstrual patterns can even change after every next delivery.
Are you still breast feeding? Breastfeeding is one of the main reasons of irregular periods because excessive prolactin is being produced and it suppresses the cycle and periods.

Your pattern could go back to normal after 6-12 months after delivery but you could also continue to be irregular as long as you are breastfeeding.
Even if you don’t get your periods, it doesn’t mean you are not ovulating, so it is good that you are using contraceptives, keep up that way.
There is also a possibility of thyroid gland messing up with your periods as it happens to some women but you would probably experience some other symptoms as well.

If you are too worried, you could contact a gynecologist to check for an underlying problem or you could give it some time and see ig your periods regulate on their own.