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Hello, It’s been two and a half months since I gave birth to my daughter and everything seemed to go OK – from regular pregnancy to completely normal delivery. I've always had somewhat irregular periods, maybe a week sooner or later, but I've been postpartum for 10 weeks now and I didn’t yet get my period.

I’m breastfeeding, if it makes any difference. I was bleeding for 4 weeks directly after birth, but I haven’t gotten my period yet, and there are no signs that I’m going to get it – I always get an acne break out during PMS. I've called my ob-gyn’s office and I have appointment early April, but I’m getting worried something might be wrong because I never skipped a month without a period.


Hi Guest,

It is VERY common for you not to have a period right after pregnancy, especially if you are breast feeding.  

It can last for months.

Follow up with your doctor but it is likely nothing to be concerned about.