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i have been breastfeeding my daughter for 16 months i got my first period in january then in febuary i had a very light pink mucus dishcharge for about 2-3 days.i've had a backache and feel like i can't get full not to mention no energy. but i don't get pregnant that easy i had to take clomid and progestrone, along with 4 miscarriages between my 6 year old and the 16 month old. i wasn't sure if this is normal when breast feeding and slowly weaning her or i could be preagnant. and if i still am breastfeeding still and pregnant can you still take progestrone with out it affecting the milk?(i have to take the progestrone to prevent a miscarriage )


Considering you got your periods back, it means you are ovulating again and that it is possible that you got pregnant again. Although excessive prolactin that is being secreted while breastfeeding suppresses ovulation and the growth of egg follicles, women still may get pregnant especially after 6 months of breastfeeding. Considering it’s been 16 months you have been breastfeeding and your period is back, you are most likely to get pregnant again.

As for the progesterone, I am almost sure you can take it while breastfeeding because this hormone is also produced while breastfeeding and I know because my sister took progesterone-based birth controlled pills while she was breast-feeding to make sure she won’t get pregnant again.

Even if you are pregnant, you are still able to breastfeed. The contraction uterus makes during breastfeeding are the same as uterine makes during sex, and if sex is allowed, so should breastfeeding be during pregnancy. This doesn’t count of course if you fall into the high risk pregnancies but it is your doctor who makes that decision and all you do, do it in cooperation with your doctor.