I am 18 years old, have been on Marvelon28 for 8 months now and have had a steady boyfriend just over a year. I have regular periods and have never had a problem or "scare" while on this birth control, since I've been on the pill we only use condoms the day I start the placebo pills and for a few days after my period (we don't have sex during my period), sometimes I get spotting after sex but I'm told that's just because of the pill. For the past two days or so I've had a pinkish discharge, it's never in my underwear but I notice it when I wipe (yes I'm sure it's the discharge), nothing hurts and I don't notice anything different other than that. My boyfriend and I had sex two weeks ago (he lives a few hours away for school), and I'm supposed to get my period next week. I'm pretty a pretty healthy eater, going by the 80:20 rule, am active (running, hot yoga, biking, working out daily), and have kept up that routine for a while now. My stress levels are a little higher because of school and the holidays, I'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about...but of course I'm worried, anyone who's had this before or knows what it could be please give me a shout!