after a very unexpected pregnancy, i had a surgical abortion on june 28th and we waited two weeks to have sex again. we used a condom because i was going to have an iud inserted at my 3 week check up if everything was okay (i had to go on a new med that made my bc pills not as effective, and my doc just 'forgot' to mention that side effect, so that's how i ended up pregnant in the first place! :-( ) anyhoo, not to get personal, but my bf pulled out and wanted me to finish him orally, which you know is not uncommon for us, so i did, well 21/2 days later he tells me the condom broke and that's why he pulled out, but he just didn't want to 'freak me out', and it prob wasn't a big deal bc he didn't ejaculate in me or anything...!!! well, so end up i took plan b about 78 hours after the incident, just to be safe, i know it says 72 hours in the box, but planned parenthood and other websites say technically it's up to 120 hours, but i am freaking out! because, ok, the sex was on the July 11th, which was exactly like 14 days after the procedure, which means i could have been ovulating, and i didn't have any side effects from the pills until yesterday, which could totally be like from a fertilized egg implanting 7 days later, or side effects from plan b, but so delayed? breast tenderness, nausea, cramping, moody...although i did feel moody the day i took the pills and since...i dunno if i am just hysterical or what, i just can't believe that this could happen! i swear i just wanna get my tubes tied or become a's not like i wasn't taking precautions...this just sucks!