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I started the birth control pill Aviane 12 days ago. 4 days ago, my boyfriend and I had sex, and we used a condom. The condom broke and since it was our first time, we didn't realize it had broken until the end. At this point, I had only taken 8 pills. It says in the pamphlet that the pill takes 7 days to work but we were still really worried.
We were so worried, in fact, that an hour later, we went to get what is commonly known as the "morning after pill". I took the 2 Plan B pills at once, and hours later I took my regular dose of birth control.
It could be all in my head but, now 4 days later, my breasts are really tender.. And I did not have any side effects that many girls have when they take the Plan B pills.. All I had was breast tenderness and loss of appetite.
So how long to birth control pills really take to work? And in my situation, is there really much of a chance that I could be pregnant or am I just stressing myself out?


Just taking the plan B pills was a great move, your personal birth control should be working and was a definite back up. I think that you are safe or you should have no fear in becoming pregnant. Hope this helps.


YOUR pills were already working =) MANY women who take both plan b pills at once will not have as many side effects, so some docs reccomend taking them both at ocne for that very reason.

PLAN B cuases breast tenderness..

ALSO pregnancy is not INSTANT, if an egg is fertilized, it would take 6-14 for pregnancy to even begin.

You would not even notice breast tenderness associated with pregnancy until you were about 5 weeks pregnant.