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My boyfriend and I had sex earlier this morning.
He came twice, but both times he had a new condom on & it was effective, with no rips.
I'm currently on Yaz birth control which i have been using for about 8 months. 
However, i do not take this at the same time everyday, i have a tendency to forget, 
so the times vary within a few hours. 

Before even starting intercourse he had a condom on, so there was no precum entry before sex.
However, after intercourse, he went inside of me for a little bit longer [without a condom]. 
it was not intended for him to even come close to finishing, so he was only inside for a few mintues.
After that, i gave him a ha****b and he finished with that.

However, i am worried that within the 1-2 mintues he was inside of the, there is a chance that "left-over" sperm or such has gotten inside of me and runs the risk of getting me pregnant. 
How big of a risk am i at?

Also, i'm only 16 and do not live in America, so i am not sure if Plan B or another EC is available to me. 


A few hours variance shouldn't make much difference as long as you take your pills consistently, every day.

You did use a condom at first, smart.  You are correct.  If he did not urinate after the first time you had sex any precum may force semen into your vagina.

Again, you're on the pill.

Relax, I think it highly unlikely you'll get pregnant.