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after my mom had heart attack three months ago, she also had a stent placed since cardiologist at the time consider it was the best step to minimize any future risk. At  the time, my mom was also put on the blood thinner, Plavix.

From what we'we learned since than, there seems to be far more effective alternative to this medication - Effient. We are going to discuss this at the next cardiologist appointment, but since my mom's last blood test seem to point Plavix is not doing anything at all, and she is still feeling generally OK, I was just wandering if someone could help me with the information about advantages Effient might have over Plavix and is it wort to take a higher risk of random bleeding that comes with Effient?

Thanks in advance, 



Hey Michelle - I hope I can help you here. Firstly Plavix doesn't 'thin' blood (common misconception) it prevents it from clotting - two different things and really important when you've had a stent fitted and you really don't want a clot. But note as well that Plavix IS really effective. Effient is effectively the same type of drug but has a different bleeding profile and not necessarily suitable for everyone. It also doesn't necessarily produce better outcomes for a patient with your moms profile. Listen to what your doc has to say about your mom - what's really important is that the drugs work and there's not clotting around the stent.