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New to this site. Looks very good.

I submitted this just a bit earlier but as I had not registered, it was denied until I had done so. You may see another iteration of this. Sorry.

Male, 55, 220 lbs., good shape, weight train but don't push it.

About two weeks ago, I was getting out of bed. When I bent my knee to swing out of bed, my knee made an audible "pop" sound coming from the top of the patella. Didn't think much of it other than to be careful and to take it easy on this knee for a spell. But...

The popping continued (and continues) but went to my other knee as well and has since spread to many of my joints (wrists, ankles, fingers). Its not painful but I sound like a Jiffy Pop shaker just heating up. My wife can't pass up making a comment.

This whole aging thing is something I could do without.

Any thoughts and thanks!



Hi John: Is there any pain or swelling in your joints that are popping? It sounds like a arthritis condition, but that usually comes with pain and inflamation/swelling!

Many people think its cool to POP their knuckles or other joints, it's NOT, the jury is still out about wether or not this can cause arthritis! It think it can!

The best thing I can suggest for you to do right now is to go to your doctor and get an XRAY! This should show if you are having any deteriation in your joints! IF it comes out that you do, you will need to see a Rheumatologist! There are MANY joint problem disorders, so it is hard for me to pinpoint one for you!

Untill you get to the bottom of this, try not to pop your joints, even at parties ;-) XD ! And please keep me updated on what the outcome is! Good luck and health!


Hi John, welcome to the forums! I hope that you're doing well. My guess is that it is quite possibly some sort of harbinger for arthritis although I'm not entirely confident of that just yet. Can you let me know if you're able to see a doctor about it? I am wondering if your patella is maybe out of joint, which woudl definitely cause some deterioration. Let us know how it comes out okay?