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hello everyone, i am 22 years old and now i have started having some pain in my joints like in fingers and knee. would anyone give me any home remedy to cure it? i would be more than happy if i get proper suggestions.


Hello sumitistha,

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your joints like the fingers and knees.  You may be having a bit of inflammation from time to time so taking an aspirin may help with your discomfort.  If you have an early form of arthritis you might need to think about taking a natural supplement that contains chondroiton, MSM and collagen to help rebuild week joints.  I took this a while back and I found it to be very helpful and today I don't need anymore and my joints seem to be fine.  For some immediate relief consider doing a tub soak with some Epsom salts or oatmeal.  This is very soothing and good for the skin as well.