Hi I'm 37 years old. I've had 5 children who are 18, 16, 11, 10, 9. For the last 2yrsiI've been experiencing farting or popping noises which I thought until recently, coming from my vagina. It's only been the last month that I've come to realise that it's not from my vagina. It's coming from my urethra. Since this has been going on. I have been suffering from incontinence as well. It's not because I cough, run, exercise or anything like that at all. I can be lying in bed & I would just leak. Even after going to the toilet & urinating. 5 minutes later I would leak again. When this noise comes out of my urethra. It's always when I'm finishing my wee. Right at the end & at times it does hurt. It's like a pressure feeling. Like there's more urine in there that needs to come out. So I'm wondering if I have a prolapse there & that's why I'm getting these popping noises from my urethra & I'm having incontinence problems because my bladder isn't fully been emptied. I haven't gone to the Drs about this, as I'm really embarrassed to go. I hate going to the toilet as it is quite loud. Even my kids laugh & yell out "mummy farted" But it's not from my bottom. I hate having to go to the toilet in public, because of this to. As it's so embarrassing. I'm just wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing this or if anyone knows what this is. Should I be worried that something is seriously wrong?