hi, I am really worried if the symptoms on me are ARS.

a week and days ago on a business trip I got very drunk and ended up with a random girl (more like prostitute) in my hotel room. About 50 seconds into the act of vaginal penetration, the condom broke with a pop and I immediately removed my penis and rushed to the toilet where I washed it with water.

the facts:

the lady is unknown to me and she stays in an area where HIV prevalence is very high, the lady was not bothered when the condom broke, the lady had a cold.

my fears:

exactly 7 days after the incidence my throat became scratchy and I had a runny nose/sneezing a day after, a day later my nose was blocked and I developed a cough. I don't have a fever and didn't run a temperature although I felt a bit feverish and minimally weak

are these ARS symptoms? how risky is my situation?