I had rotator cuff surgery 8 weeks ago...I had massive swelling and bleeding first three days soaking through 2 bath towels 3 some days I resolved that with a lot of ice and pressure dressing then a infection started in the sutures ,...I did okay up till 4 weeks ago handling the pain .started Pt which was hard but I expected ..I started having more pain. I haven't slept in 3 days now as pain is escalating the PA said lay off PT for two weeks .. I wish I never had this done . I had more rom before surgery and far less pain the PA doesn't seem concerned but I have always been strong and active I'm 58 yr old female  was a marathon runner and a weight lifter kayaker before all this. The PA says I had a full thickness tear sad and pasta and part of my clavicle was removed and a deep shave done ...I put off surgery for a year. I'm use to sucking it up and moving forward. once I broke my wrist waited a week before going to get casted. I'm tough but this is really scary ...at what point will they listen or entertain the thought maybe one of the three anchors may have come loose?

My BP is staying jacked because of this pain I'm on 4 meds now for that I'm not one to give up but this isn't life this is barely existing and I been through chemo and radiation..I know I'm not being a baby about this ...

oh well thanks for listening sometimes its just nice to have someone listen ...the PA isn't listening doesn't seen concerned  I'm doing my home exercise 10-14 times a day I cry more than I don't

most of the pain is made worse by not being able to sleep ...my left arm is 14 inches around and my surgical effected arm now 18". I still have a dark shadow in my bicep where I bruised and bled into insane considering its been 8 weeks...I don't see PT is helping me make any progress my arm is getting tighter with PT not looser...anyone got answers or a miracle cause right now if someone said smear peanut butter on my face and whistle when the saints go marching in cure me Id give it a try