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I was dating this guy before we were intimate for 6 years and in January of 2013, we broke up because he was cheating. We got back together at the end of March with him proposing and us having unprotected sex. We had only had unprotected sex (oral)once prior in January. 1st time of unprotected sex I developed sore throat, swollen lymph node and the feeling in my throat as if something was caught in the back of my throat. I also developed sneezing and vomiting.. I took an HIV test and it came back negative and the prescribed me Penicillin VK which cleared up everything.... I didn't take the HIV results seriously because I knew my body had not made enough antibodies for the test to detect... So time goes on... We get back together and him proposing because he "changed his ways" and we had unprotected sex ( anal and oral)... Once again, my throat started being itchy, sneezing, coughing and a lot of mucous... I figured allergies... One day I scratched my scrotum but didn't think anything the next day, I notice I have several pink patches that are flat, and itchy with a tough texture, my hands tingle every now and then ... Ofcourse I looked up symptoms and got HIV and HPV... I'm scared that I have both! I have a doctors appointment Friday?


I am sorry you didn't get a response to this question.  You said you were going to see the doctor, is there anything we can do to help you now?