My husband and I haven't been trying, but haven't been preventing pregnancy. I had a normal period back in October that lasted 6 days, PMS cramping, bloating, and irritation like normal. Then 16 days later I had another period that lasted around 4 days, no PMS symptoms (which isn't normal).It was lighter than normal, and it was 12 days earlier than it was supposed to be. The day I was supposed to start my period I had light pinkish discharge that went away with one wipe, and hasn't returned. Could this have been implantation bleeding? I took a pregnancy test that day, and it came back negative, but I think it was too early to tell anyway. I am due in another 2 weeks for my period, and have never had mid-cycle bleeding before. I am having the same symptoms that I had the last time I was pregnant, sadly that ended in a miscarriage at week 10 (nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, not feeling like myself, light headed...). Any advice would help!