Hi, I'm 18 years old, I'm on birthcontrol pills, and the last I had sex was Febuary 15th, We also used a condom and pulled out just to be safe. My period is usually at the end or beginning of every month, and it usually starts around 2 days of the sugar pills. This time, it came about 4ish days into the sugar pills, and it was much lighter than normal... I think I still was able to use a tampon and a pad. I don't remember how long it lasted but it was pretty short. I don't know anything about implantation bleeding besides that's what scared me into thinking I was pregnant. I went from feeling the need to poop all the time, (nervous poops) to being super constipated. My boyfriend and i got digital pregnancy test, I took one after school and it said not pregnant, then I waited until the Sunday morning before my next period was supposed to start, and it said not pregnant again. I still felt off though, peeing all the time and feeling cramps and bloating. I started clonidine for my Tourette syndome, and I was told I had a uti, so i started medication for that. (Scared to ask doctor about pregnancy) I then got my period, my emotions were crazy, and it lasted like 3 days of red blood, then 2 days of dark brown discharge before it ended. I ended the uti medicine, and took another pregnancy test and it said negative. I was still scared that I am, everyone thinks I'm being paranoid. (Since I got my period) but now, my uti is back so I'm on stronger medication, but my nipples are changing. Getting darker in color, super irritated , and they keep puckering out , (boyfriend and mom don't think there's much of difference) but they feel like there burning. I'm supposed to get my period in a week, I feel really weird still, and I have thick white discharge. I took another test, with my first pee in the morning before school, and it still said negative. What is happening to me, I'm really paranoid and I don't want to be pregnant.