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So last Friday I noticed my vaginal opening was a bit tender and had a little red line mark on it and also discharge that looked like what i had previously as a yeast infection (2 weeks before that and went to the doctors and did swabs for everything and it came back as yeast) now on that Monday morning i had rough/dry sex that was very painful, we stopped to put lubrication on and continued. By Monday night i was still swollen and had pain urinating as well and when i grabbed a mirror i noticed spots that to me looked like carpet burns so i goggled and it came up as vaginal friction burns.

I called up my doctors and spoke to the nurse there and she said that it sounds like i got that yeast infection back and to wash it with salt water. Because i already had a possible yeast infection i know that would of made it even more sensitive and tender but i wasn't able to get any canestan till Thursday. During that time i still had pain while urinating as well as when i would shower the water would sting. I did notice on Thursday though because of rubbing i got 3 little sores in difference places on my labia (no pus or didn't look like a blister, just a tender bump like a pimple almost). I have also noticed my Clit got extremely sensitive and swollen to touch and has become red and has this white/cream thing on it.

I mentioned i took canestan which was a tablet and cream to put on 2-3 times a day for 3 days. (Today is day number 2) I have called the doctors and i am on a waiting list for Monday or Tuesday but i was just wondering if anyone else has had this and have found any relief in getting the swelling down or i just need to get antibiotics and stuff from the doctors?

It's just rather annoying thinking there is something wrong with you and i have been sick a lot for the past couple of month with a upper tract respiratory infection and had a bad reaction to the drugs i was given for it and this i believe now is my 3rd possible case of a yeast infection since October.  I've also been with the same guy for 6 months and he hasn't had anything wrong.

Is this just a really bad case of vaginal friction burns combined with a bad yeast infection?


**forgot to mention the vaginal friction burns are on the opening on my vagina (where the red little mark was i saw on friday)