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Hi. For the past couple of days I have had a problem with my vaginal area. My vaginal lips have been very dry, sore, and red and they seem swollen. It it sore and hurts when I pee. It is also itchy, too. I also saw that I had a few red bumps near the opening of my vagina. They were smaller yesterday but then seem to have gotten a little larger although they are still not big. My vagina is red and I've had a little bit of white discharge but from what I can tell it doesn't have any type of odor. I did notice that when I wiped I saw the tiniest bit of light blood on the tissue, but maybe it's because I have a cut down there that I am unaware of. I haven't had sex for three weeks and I started taking Amoxicillian for strep throat on Monday and I am 22. Can anyone suggest what it may be? Thank you for your time and help.


Sounds like a yeast infection caused by your antibiotics. Antibiotics, by definition, are supposed to kill bacteria. But those antibiotics, while doing their job on one part of your body, can cause problems elsewhere: They could be destroying “good bacteria” in your vagina — bacteria that help to keep the body's natural yeast population in check. When the good bacteria are destroyed, yeast can multiply and potentially cause a yeast infection. When that happens, you’ll experience the well known symptoms of a yeast infection: thick white discharge,swelling and burning and itching. Avoid a yeast infection that is caused by antibiotics is to eat yogurt, at least one cup a day while you are taking the antibiotics. This is the best long-term solution. For your current situation, you'd better see doctor and get prescriptions. Natural treatment such as herbal fomula called SPAM could be a better choice, since herbs are more natural and will not develop side effects. You may google it and have a look. Hope it helps~