My mother underwent surgery to alleviate the weakness in her limbs due to MYELOPATHY last Nov. 10. Apparently the surgery involved inserting a plate in her neck and seemed to go quite well. Within days she was able to move her arms freely and after some complications due to a slight infection in the area of the incision she was able to feed herself. She began doing the customary rehabilition and was eventually released to return home and continue rehabilition. After the surgery she was required to wear a stiff neck collar to limit the movement of her neck. My mother is 67 years old and according to the neurosurgeon suffers from osteoporosis. Within a few days of the removal of the collar she suddenly felt sharp, intense pain during one of her rehabilitation sessions and was re-admitted to the hospital where it was discovered that the graft had "shifted". She has now lost complete use of her legs and most of the use of her hands and arms and the neurosurgeon says she may not walk again. Prior to the "shift" of the graft everything was going smoothly and things did not fall apart until the removal of the collar. My question concerns the "average" length of time a person is required to wear this neck collar. I do not know exactly how long she had been wearing the collar but I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-4 weeks. Thank you for any additional information.