hello, i had open heart surgery to repair my mitral valve last April. (due to having connective tissue disorder- EDS) my recovery has been any but! Serious decline in health since two months post-op. the top staple in my incision broke and since my surgery i can feel my collar bone shifting around a lot. i now have a sharp feeling bump near my collar bone that is hurts. Could this be the broken staple?
i can endure absolutely NO pressure on my chest/ neck, upper abdomen- (near fainting) have frequent pimples and sores and rashes of blood just under the skin on my chest. the lump that everyone has after surgery at the top of the incision is still pronounced and seems to swell. I also have fluid in my breasts, and can not use my arms for simple tasks in the kitchen for more than a few minutes. To cook, i must use a chair for support because i can't stand long without getting dizzy and weak.
i have also developed a seizure problem and neurological difficulties and more shortness of breath since my open heart surgery and yet none of the doctors think the surgery has anything to do with all these post-op problems.
is that rational? %-) thank you. prism
any comments would be appreciated.